Guru is a word from Sanskrit language. A gurukula(गुरुकुल) is a type of education system in which shishya

In this quiz, we'll test your knowledge of some of the most famous and respected quality gurus. How

Born: March 18, 1891Died: March 11, 1967Walter Shewhart is best known for:Control Charts - Control Charts laid the

Born: July 13, 1915 Died: April 16, 1989Ishikawa is best known for:Ishikawa Diagram - Also known as Cause-and-effect Diagram or Fishbone

Born: 1912Died: 1990Taiichi Ohno is best known for:Toyota Production SystemSeven types of wastes (Muda)A Brief Introduction:Taiichi Ohno graduated

Born: 1909 Died: 1990 Shigeo Shingo is best known for:Poka-yoke-  is a Japanese term that means “mistake-proofing”. The