Applying Deming’s 14 Points to the Healthcare Industry – Part 4 of 4

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  • Applying Deming’s 14 Points to the Healthcare Industry – Part 4 of 4

As we reach the final part of this series on Deming's principles in healthcare, we focus on the last three points. These principles provide further insights into fostering a healthy working environment and driving meaningful change.

12. Remove Barriers to Pride in Workmanship

Deming's twelfth principle underlines the importance of taking pride in one's work. For healthcare professionals, their work is often a matter of life and death, so the opportunity to take pride in their work is crucial.

To enable this, healthcare organizations should provide supportive environments where good work is recognized, where professionals have the resources they need, and where they can continuously develop their skills. For example, offering regular professional development opportunities and acknowledging staff contributions can increase job satisfaction and promote quality of care.

13. Encourage Education and Self-Improvement for Everyone

Deming's thirteenth principle promotes the idea of lifelong learning. Keeping up with new procedures, technologies, and best practices is essential in the ever-evolving healthcare sector.

Healthcare organizations should promote a culture of ongoing education, offering training programs, workshops, seminars, and access to relevant resources. Emphasizing self-improvement also helps to maintain a high level of professionalism and dedication within the healthcare workforce.

14. Take Action to Accomplish the Transformation

The final principle emphasizes the need for active efforts to bring about the required transformation. Change in healthcare, as in any industry, requires deliberate action.

Leadership must take a proactive role in driving this transformation. This involves consistently communicating the vision for quality improvement, fostering a culture of trust and collaboration, and leading by example. By doing so, they can pave the way for the systemic changes necessary to enhance patient care quality.

In conclusion, Deming's principles 12-14 underline the importance of fostering a supportive and learning-focused work environment and taking proactive steps to drive change. These principles and the previous ones provide a comprehensive framework for improving quality in the healthcare sector.

This brings us to the end of our series on applying Deming's 14 points to the healthcare industry. By embracing these principles, healthcare organizations can build a culture that places a premium on quality, continuous improvement, and collaboration.

This post is the final part in a series of four on applying Deming's 14 points in the healthcare industry.

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