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Certified Quality Engineer (CQE) Exam Preparation Course

Quality Engineering - from Zero to Hero. 

The Most Comprehensive Quality Engineering Course: This course has 38 hours of videos covering the complete Body of Knowledge.

This course fully aligns with the Certified Quality Engineer Body of Knowledge. Additional 23 videos are added in July 2022 to cover the updated CQE BoK.

Easily pass any Certified Quality Engineer (CQE) examination and get certified. This course covers all you need to know as a Quality Engineer - whether you want to take a Quality Engineer certification exam or be a successful Quality Engineer in your organization.   


Why this course?

  • Learn from an experienced instructor having 35 years of "practical experience" in implementing Quality Management and Continuous Performance Improvement.

  • 5,700+ satisfied students.

  • This course is fully aligned with the Certified Quality Engineer (CQE) Body of Knowledge.

  • This course covers all you need to know as a Quality Engineer and to pass your CQE certification exam. 

  • Quiz questions in each section. 175+ quiz questions are available.

Are you appearing in the Certified Quality Engineer (CQE) exam?

  • You know the basics, but when it comes to statistics, you get confused.

  • You find concepts such as central limit theorem, probability distributions, hypothesis testing, and design of experiments are too complex to understand.

  • You wish someone could explain these to you without using complex terminology in plain and simple language.

Does this sound familiar? Let me help you understand these concepts and many more in plain and simple terms at such an affordable price.


What are other students saying about this course?

★★★★★  I had my CQE exam yesterday, and passed on my first attempt! This content was spot on and very helpful for taking the exam. Thanks a bunch! (5 stars by David Gonzalez)

★★★★★  Yes, it was a great match. Just wished I found it sooner. (5 stars by Amos Battoo)

★★★★★  I went through this course and I must confess it exceeded my expectations, as I passed my CQE exams at a sitting. Sandeep not only dissected the CQE handbook for easy understanding, but more so provided a well grounded knowledge on the modules. I can never be more grateful for his insight. If you intend to sit for CQE exam, just go through this course and some exam questions you can find online. You will be fine. Thank you Sandeep and Udemy for an amazing work. (5 stars by Ndubuisi N Ogbuezi)

★★★★★  I have cleared ASQ CQE in my 1st attempt. This course helped me to understand the basic concepts through Mr.Sandeep's simple examples. (5 stars by Sarath K Jolly)

★★★★★  Best affordable online lectures for passing CQE exam. Ton of thanks to Sandeep. I passed my CQE exam by reviewing this course multiple times. I also studied quality CQE handbook and ASQ CQE study guide. (5 stars by Sudhakar Thamodharan)

★★★★★  Just took my CQE exam and this class is definitely the reason that I passed first try. (5 stars by Hilary High)

★★★★★  I really liked the way, complex topics are simplified by Sandeep Sir. (5 stars by Babeeta Nautiyal)

★★★★★  This preparation course helped me to clear my ASQ CQE exam. (5 stars by Vivek S A)

★★★★★  I have passed the CQE successfully. This course is more than helpful to have a crack at it. (5 stars by Manohar Thummapudi)

★★★★★  I learned a lot from this course and it helped me to pass my CQE exam. (5 stars by Jose Cortes)

★★★★★  This course explains Body of knowledge in a very clear and comprehensive manner. I have cleared my CQE exam in the first attempt itself. (5 stars by Dupinderjit Singh)

★★★★★  It really easy to listen and watch I hope I can get through the CQE exams very easily INSHALLAH. (5 stars by Adeel Siddiqui)

★★★★★  Excellent course, it has helped me a lot for preparing for the CQE exam, totally recommended. (5 stars by Miroslav Vulinovic)

★★★★★  I have not taken the CQE test yet but with my notes from this training, I am hoping it would be enough to pass this exam. (5 stars by Priscilla Acquah)


What is covered in this course?

Master the Quality Engineering advanced concepts at your own pace and add value to your organization by improving existing processes.   

Areas covered in this course:   

1. Management & Leadership

2. The Quality System

3. Product & Process Design

4. Product & Process Control

5. Continuous Improvement

6. Quantitative Methods & Tools

7. Risk Management

Quiz questions in each section. 175+ quiz questions are available.

Key Features:   

  • Short and easy-to-understand videos covering the complete Body of Knowledge

  • Downloadable lecture slides after each section

  • Quiz questions after each section to test your understanding.

  • Ask your questions in the Q&A section 

  • Satisfaction guaranteed - 30 days money-back policy - no questions asked

  • Certificate of Completion provided

What are you waiting for?

This course comes with Udemy's 30 days money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the course, get your money back.

I hope to see you in the course.


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