Quality Gurus Inc. is Now an Approved CPD Provider by The CPD Group, UK!

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  • Quality Gurus Inc. is Now an Approved CPD Provider by The CPD Group, UK!

We are thrilled to announce that Quality Gurus Inc has achieved a significant milestone by becoming an accredited Continuing Professional Development (CPD) provider, accredited by the globally recognized CPD Group in the UK. This accreditation marks a pivotal step in our commitment to providing high-standard, professional education that supports continuous learning and development.

What is CPD Accreditation?

Continuing Professional Development, or CPD, refers to the process of tracking and documenting the skills, knowledge, and experience that you gain both formally and informally as you work, beyond any initial training. It's a commitment to lifelong learning, enabling individuals to enhance their abilities and stay proactive in their careers.

CPD accreditation is an essential marker of quality assurance, ensuring that learning activities meet rigorous educational standards and are structured to provide meaningful professional development. Accredited CPD providers, like Quality Gurus Inc, are recognized for their ability to deliver training that significantly contributes to the professional development of its participants, thereby enhancing their career and providing further opportunities for advancement.

Benefits of CPD Accreditation

Being an approved CPD provider means that Quality Gurus Inc has met the standards and benchmarks set by the CPD Group, UK, for delivering consistent, credible, and accessible training. Some of the major benefits this accreditation brings to our courses and to you, our learners, include:

  1. Recognition of Quality: Our CPD accreditation reassures students that the content of our courses is of the highest standard and is continually reviewed and updated. It proves that we provide learning activities that contribute effectively to an individual’s personal and professional growth.
  2. Enhanced Career Opportunities: For professionals, the completion of CPD accredited courses is highly regarded by employers and can significantly enhance your resume. It shows a clear dedication to personal and professional development, which is highly valued across industries.
  3. Structured Learning: CPD accreditation ensures that our courses are structured to not only educate but also to help implement the learning in practical, real-world situations. This enhances the impact of our training and the value it adds to your professional life.
  4. Assured Continual Improvement: Accreditation is not a one-time event, but involves continual review which means that our teaching methods, course materials, and delivery are constantly updated to reflect the best practices and current demands of the market.

What This Means for You

As participants in our CPD accredited courses, you can be confident that the education you receive has been scrutinized and approved by one of the leading CPD accreditation bodies in the world. Whether you’re looking to develop new skills, advance in your current field, or switch careers, our courses provide valuable learning that can make a significant impact on your professional journey.

Additionally, each course completion (after 01 August 2024) will come with a CPD accredited certificate, adding credible and recognized qualifications to your professional profile. 

CPD Accredited Courses at Quality Gurus Inc.

Quality Gurus Inc. proudly offers a range of CPD accredited courses, specifically designed to advance professional capabilities in quality management and continuous improvement. Each course is crafted to provide practical, expert-led education, empowering professionals across the globe. Our courses are meticulously designed to meet CPD standards, ensuring that learners not only gain knowledge but also earn valuable CPD credits to enhance their professional development. Here’s a list of our CPD accredited courses:

Sl. NoCourse TitleCPD CreditsLink
1Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Training34View Course
2Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training26View Course
3Certified Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training7View Course
4Mastering ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System5View Course
5QMS Auditor / Lead Auditor Course6View Course
6Certified Six Sigma White Belt Training2View Course
7Enterprise Risk Management2View Course
8Design and Analysis of Experiments (DoE)5View Course
9Root Cause Analysis and the 8D Problem Solving Bootcamp8View Course
10Mastering the Seven Basic Quality Improvement Tools3View Course
11Mastering Project Quality Management5View Course
12Statistics for Data Analysis Using Excel14View Course
13Quality Management for Business Excellence4View Course
14Fundamentals of Reliability Engineering3View Course
15Statistical Process Control (SPC) Bootcamp7View Course
16Measurement System Analysis (MSA) Expert6View Course

Each course link directs you to more details and registration options. Enhance your skills and meet your professional development requirements through our accredited training offerings.

Thank you for being a part of our community. Here's to your continued success in your professional endeavors!

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Quality Gurus Inc. is Now an Approved CPD Provider by The CPD Group, UK!

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