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ISO Full Form … What is the Full form of ISO?

​ISOThe full form of ISO is “International Organization for Standardization”. The name, “ISO” is not an acronym but was derived from the Greek word “isos” meaning “equal”. (The relation to standards is that if two objects meet the same standard, they should be equal.) This name eliminates any confusion that could result from the translation of […]

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Why Should Organizations Implement ISO 9001 Standard?

Benefits to CompanyMakes it easier to satisfy customer needs.Better management control and reporting.Requiring organizations to continuous improvement.Fewer problems with failures in service or product quality.Better management control and reporting.Greater employee awareness about quality.A marketing tool for sales promotion.Increased credibility.Benefits to EmployeesEmployees know what to do and how to do it.Enhanced communication among employees.Clarity in the […]

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ISO 9001 2008 vs ISO 9001 2015

ISO 9001:2015 was released 23 September 2015. Following are the key changes in this standard from ISO 9001:2008: 1. New Structure The new standard has 10 clauses. ISO is in process of harmonizing all management system standards. For this a harmonized structure (Annex SL) has been developed. Some standards such as ISO 30301:2011 (Information and documentation – Management systems […]

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10 Top Level Clauses ISO 9001:2015

ISO 9001:2015 – 10 Top Level Clauses1. ScopeWhen/why should an organization adopt this standard? 2. Normative referencesUse ISO 9000 for terms and definitions3. Terms and definitionsDefinitions of various terms referred in the standard.4. Context of the organizationDetermine the purpose and the direction of the organization.5. LeadershipCommitment of the top management, quality policy, roles and responsibilities.6. […]

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How many mandatory documents does ISO 9001-2015 require?

​Did you know that recently release ISO 9001:2015 requires you to maintain five documented information (procedures) and retain 22 documented information (records)? Have a look at these. ​Mandatory DocumentsScope of the Quality Management System (4.3) Scope of the QMS including the products and services covered and the justification of the requirements that can not be applied. Operation […]

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International Register of Certified Auditors (IRCA) – CPD

As part of the renewal of IRCA certification process, you need to complete at least 45 hours of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) within the last three years. Details of IRCA’s CPD Framework are available at http://www.irca.org/auditorcert/auditorcert_6_4.html QualityGurus.com certificates may be used to claim CPDs under the Structured category, where each hour of study is accepted […]

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