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History of National Healthcare Quality Week 

National Healthcare Quality Week was established in 1985 to recognize outstanding achievements in healthcare quality improvement. Since then, it has grown into one of the largest annual events celebrating quality improvement in healthcare.

Since 1985, NAHQ has been using this week (Healthcare Quality Week) to highlight the important role healthcare quality leaders play in their organizations.

About NAHQ 

Founded in 1976, NAHQ is the leading provider of healthcare quality certifications worldwide. The organization offers a wide range of certification programs for healthcare professionals and other stakeholders that are designed to help them improve patient care and outcomes.

NAHQ promotes excellence in healthcare quality through education, research, and certification.


National Healthcare Quality Week 2023

This year's event will be held from October 15-21, 2023.

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What to do? Suggested Activities

To create a successful and engaging Healthcare Quality Week, consider the following suggested activities:

1. Educational seminars and workshops: Organize seminars and workshops featuring healthcare quality experts who can share their knowledge, best practices, and recent innovations in the field. This can include topics like patient safety, process improvement, and data analysis.

2. Poster presentations: Invite healthcare professionals to create and present posters showcasing their quality improvement projects, research, or case studies. Display these posters in a common area, allowing staff and visitors to view and discuss them.

3. Recognition and awards ceremony: Host an awards ceremony to honor outstanding healthcare quality professionals and their contributions to the field. Present awards for categories like "Quality Improvement Project of the Year" or "Healthcare Quality Professional of the Year."

4. Interactive simulations: Organize interactive simulations or role-playing exercises related to healthcare quality, such as patient safety scenarios, root cause analysis exercises, or process improvement games.

5. Networking events: Plan networking events or mixers to facilitate connections and collaboration between healthcare quality professionals. This can help build a supportive community and encourage the sharing of ideas and best practices.

6. Community outreach: Coordinate events to engage the local community in discussions about healthcare quality. Host a health fair or offer free health screenings, and distribute educational materials about the importance of healthcare quality.

7. Social media campaign: Create a social media campaign using a designated hashtag (e.g. #HQW23) to promote awareness of healthcare quality issues, share success stories, and highlight the work of healthcare quality professionals.

8. Team-building activities: Organize team-building exercises that focus on quality improvement, communication, and collaboration. This can help foster a culture of continuous improvement and strengthen working relationships.

9. Webinars or panel discussions: Arrange webinars or panel discussions featuring healthcare quality professionals who can share their experiences, discuss emerging trends, and answer questions from the audience.

10. Collaborative learning sessions: Plan learning sessions where healthcare quality professionals can come together to discuss current challenges, brainstorm solutions, and share best practices.

By incorporating a variety of activities that cater to different learning styles and interests, you can create an engaging and informative National Healthcare Quality Week that highlights the importance of healthcare quality and celebrates the professionals dedicated to its advancement.

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