FAQs Related to Udemy Certificate of Completion

1. I have completed the entire course, and it shows 100% completion. Now how can I get my certificate?

Please click on the Udemy Certificate button in the Overview tab. If you complete the course requirement, this button will be active.

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2. Can I change the name printed on the certificate?

YES. First update your profile name. 

Next, you open your Certificate of Completion, and click on Update your certificate.

You can then change the language on the Certificate (if you want to) and confirm your name.

You will receive an email from Udemy once the name has been updated on the certificate. This generally takes only a few minutes.

If you still have any problem, please send an email to support@udemy.com.

3. I have watched all the modules and have attended the test, but it shows less than 100% progress?

If the course completion progress is not recorded as 100%, you will not be able to download your Certificate of Completion.

Once you watch a video or complete the quiz, Udemy automatically marks that as completed. However, in some cases, the system might miss marking a lecture or quiz completed. In that case, you may manually mark the lecture as completed.

It is simple. You need to click in the box in front of the lecture name to mark it completed. See the snapshot below:

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