Benefits of Implementing ISO 9001 Standard?

Benefits to Company

  • Implementing a Quality Management System based on ISO 9001 makes it easier to understand and satisfy customer needs.
  • Better management controls and reporting leading meeting the planned Quality Objectives and better customer satisfaction
  • The continual improvement requirements of the standard require organizations to improve their products and processes
  • Implementing a process approach leads to fewer problems with failures in service or product quality. This leads to cost savings and better market share.
  • Greater employee awareness about quality
  • A marketing tool for sales promotion
  • Increased credibility

Benefits to Employees

  • Job satisfaction and improved employee morale
  • Employees know what to do and how to do it? This reduces confusion in the decision-making process.
  • Enhanced communication among employees
  • The clarity in the job specification

Benefits to Customer

  • It assures the consumers that they will get better quality products and services.
  • Reassurance to customers that their organization considers the needs and expectations of customers and follow complaints and satisfaction of customers as a requirement.

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      Benefits to Society

    • Contributes to the quality of life in general by ensuring improved health and safety.
    • Reduced environmental impact.
    • Benefits to All

    • Innovation and improvement.
    • Conclusion

      To conclude, ISO certification is an excellent reference to begin the process of quality improvement. ISO 9001 certified organizations typically place much emphasis on quality than do non-certified organizations. ISO certification can deliver business benefits, but ISO certification should be seen as part of an overall continuous improvement process, rather than an end to itself.

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