ASQ CSSYB | How to pass your Six Sigma Yellow Belt Exam?

​Are you looking for the American Society for Quality (ASQ) Certified Six Sigma ​Yellow Belt (CSSYB) certification? Quick Navigation ​Applying for the exam:How to prepare for the exam?​Typical Cost of Certification: ​Applying for the exam:​The Certified Six Sigma Yellow Belt has no experience or education requirements. The Certified Six Sigma Yellow Belt is aimed at […]

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ASQ CQPA [2020] | How to pass your Certified Quality Process Analyst Exam?

Quick Navigation EligibilityExam DetailsASQ CQPA Exam Passing ScoreASQ CQPA Body of KnowledgeSuggested Study MaterialSummary The Certified Quality Process Analyst is a paraprofessional who, in support of and under the direction of quality engineers or supervisors, analyzes and solves quality problems and is involved in quality improvement projects. A Certified Quality Process Analyst may be a recent […]

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Recommended Study Material for ASQ Exams

​ASQ Certificate​Scored  Questions​​Unscored Questions​Total Time Allowed (Hrs)Difficult LevelRecommended Books​Online Training​Body of KnowledgeQuality Engineer (CQE)160155.5 Hrs.ASQ HandbookASQ CQE Study GuideASQ CQE Exam Preparation Course – Udemy.comCQE B​​oKQuality Auditor (CQA)160155.5 Hrs.ASQ HandbookQCI Primer and Questions CDASQ CQA Exam Preparation Course – Udemy.comCQA BoKSix Sigma Yellow Belt (CSSYB)75102.5 Hrs.ASQ HandbookASQ CSSYB Study GuideASQ CSSYB Exam Preparation Course – […]

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World Quality Day | 14 November 2019

Many companies celebrate the month of November as Quality Month. The main purpose behind this celebration to raise the level of quality awareness in the company. It is also an opportunity to celebrate the success your organization and people have achieved in the recent past.Why November?There is no clear reason for selecting the month of November […]

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ASQ CQA Body of Knowledge 2019 – What is New?

The American Society for Quality (ASQ) has updated the body of knowledge for its Certified Quality Auditor (CQA) certification effective from June 2019. You can view item by item comparision with the 2012 version of the body of knowledge in the following document. Body of Knowledge Map 2019 ​ASQ ​CQA Exam Preparation Course$200 course for just $49.99 […]

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ASQ CQA [2020] | How to pass your Certified Quality Auditor Exam?

​Passing ASQ ​CQA Exam with Confidence Eligibility:Exam Details:​CQ​A Exam Passing Score:Body of Knowledge:Suggested Study Material: The Certified Quality ​Auditor (ASQ – CQA)  are professionals ​who understands the standards and principles of auditing and the auditing techniques of examining, questioning, evaluating and reporting to determine a quality system’s adequacy and deficiencies. This is one of the oldest […]

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