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Kano Analysis

Table of Contents Section 1: What is Kano Analysis?Section 2: The five categoriesSection 3: Functional and Dysfunctional form questionsSection 4: Survey ResponsesSection 5: Feature CategorySection 6: Summary TableSection 7: Better/Worst coefficientsSection 8: Better/Worst Plot Section 1: What is Kano Analysis?Kano Analysis is a technique of understanding customer’s needs for a given product or service. It […]

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Top 4 Barriers to Quality Improvement

​In this post let’s look at some of the common barriers to quality improvement. 1. Not Knowing the definition of quality:When it comes to quality improvement, the first barrier to improve quality is not knowing what the meaning of quality is.Each organization has a different product or service. Organizations need to define that what does quality […]

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