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Walter A Shewhart

Shewhart was concerned that statistical theory serves the needs of industry. He exhibited the restlessness of one looking for a better way. A man of science who patiently developed and tested his ideas and the ideas of others, he was an astute observer of developments in the world of science and technology. While the literature […]

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Kaoru Ishikawa

​ Kaoru IshikawaBorn: July 13, 1915  Died: April 16, 1989Best known for: ​Ishikawa Diagram, Seven Basic Quality Tools, Quality Circles, Company-wide Quality Ishikawa is best known for: Ishikawa Diagram Also known as Cause-and-effect Diagram or Fishbone Diagram. Seven Basic Quality Tools Seven Basic Quality Tools were first emphasized by Ishikawa. Quality Circles Ishikawa introduced the concept of Quality Circles. Company-wide Quality Ishikawa believed […]

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Taiichi Ohno

Taiichi Ohno was born in Manchuria, China in 1912 and graduated from Nagoya Institute of Technology. He joined Toyota in 1932 and for about twenty years worked his way up in the firm. In the 1940’s and early 1950’s, Ohno was the assembly manager for Toyota and developed many improvements that eventually became the Toyota […]

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Shigeo Shingo

​Shigeo Shingo ​​Born: 1909 – Died: 1990 ​Best known for: Poka Yoke, Single Minute Exchange of Die (SMED), Just in Time. ​Best Known for: 1.​Poka-yoke is a Japanese term that means “mistake-proofing”. The concept was formalized, and the term adopted, by Shigeo Shingo as part of the Toyota Production System.  2.​Single-Minute Exchange of Die (SMED) is […]

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Genichi Taguchi

Genichi Taguchi  Born: Jan 1, 1924 Died: June 2, 2012 Is Best Known For: Taguchi Methods Taguchi Loss Function Design of Experiments About The executive director of the American Supplier Institute, the director of the Japan Industrial Technolgy Institute, and an honorary professor at Nanjing Institue of Technology in China. Genichi Taguchi is well known […]

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Armand V. Feigenbaum

​​Armand Feigenbaum​Born: 1922 Died: Nov 13, 2014Best known for: ​ Total Quality Control, Hidden Plant, and Quality Costs Is best known for: ​Total Quality ControlHidden PlantQuality Costs ​Armand V. Feigenbaum is an American quality control expert and businessman. Feigenbaum is the founder and president of General System Co., an international engineering company that designs and […]

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Edwards Deming – Life Story and Teachings

Edwards DemingBorn: October 14, 1900 Died: December 20, 1993Best known for: The 14 Points of Managing, the Deming Cycle, and the System of Profound Knowledge. Deming Is best known for: The 14 points for Managing Deming’s fourteen points are management for transformation.  The Deming Cycle PDCA Cycle for continual improvement.  The system of Profound Knowledge How managers should acquire […]

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Philip Crosby

​​Philip CrosbyBorn: ​Jun 18, 1926Died: ​Aug 18, 200​6Best known for: ​Quality is Free, Zero Defects and Four Absolutes of Quality Is best known for: Quality is Free His first book which made him famous.  Zero Defects One of his four absolutes of quality.  The Four Absolutes Four absolutes of Quality. See details below. ​The founder and chairman of […]

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Life and Works of Quality Guru Joseph Juran

Joseph JuranBorn: Dec 24, 1904Died: Feb 28, 2008Best known for: Quality Control Handbook, Juran’s Trilogy, Cost of Quality, and application of Pareto Principle in Quality Is best known for: Quality Control HandbookJuran published the first edition of Quality Control Handbook in 1951. Juran’s TrilogyJuran’s trilogy consists of Quality Planning, Quality Control, and Quality Improvement. Cost of QualityJuran […]

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