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Who is a Guru?

Guru is a word from Sanskrit language.

A gurukula (गुरुकुल) is a type of education system in which shishya ('students' or 'disciples') lives near or with the guru, in the same house.

Sanskrit words for 'teacher' based on their unique abilities...

1. The teacher who gives you information is called: Adhyapak

2. The one who imparts knowledge combined with information is called: Upadhyaya

3. The one who imparts skills is called: Acharya

4. The one who is able to give a deep insight into a subject is called: Pundit

5. The one who has a visionary view on a subject and teaches you to think in that manner is called: Dhrishta

6. The one who is able to awaken wisdom in you, leading you from darkness to light, is called: Guru

The syllable ‘gu’ stands for darkness and ‘ru’ for light. Guru is the one who takes us from darkness to light.

Source of this information: Various spiritual sites. The original source of this information is unknown.

Who is a Quality Guru?

"Quality Guru" refers to an individual who has made significant contributions to the field of quality management through their expertise, theories, methodologies, or practices. These experts have influenced the way organizations approach quality control, continuous improvement, and process optimization. Quality gurus often have a deep understanding of various quality management principles and are recognized for their ability to provide valuable insights and guidance on achieving excellence in products, services, and processes.

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