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Six Sigma Certification – ASQ® or IASSC?

Many of my Six Sigma Green Belt and Six Sigma Black Belt students have asked me these questions: Which certification should I go for ASQ(American Society for Quality) or IASSC (International Association for Six Sigma Certifications)? Which of these to certificates is most valued – ASQ or IASSC? Let’s understand a few key facts before […]

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Preventing Six Sigma Failure

Why do Six Sigma projects fail? When we say fail, we mean why the projects don’t achieve the objective which they were supposed to accomplish? There are various reasons for the project failure. However, the following are the top six reasons. 1. Lack of Management Support: The first reason or the prime reason for Six […]

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Six Sigma and Change Management

Improvement project always lead to some change.  You cannot improve something by maintaining the status quo. People don’t like change, people like status quo. If anything changes people get disturbed. As a Six Sigma project leader, you need to understand how to manage change. Your ability to management change will decide the success or the […]

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Six Sigma Black Belt Question Bank ASQ® CSSBB Exam

10 Random Questions Other sources: ASQ CSSBB Online Exam Preparation Course – Special Discount Link ASQ CSSBB Exam Sample Question Bank pdf ASQ CSSBB Exam Practice  00 Days 02 Hours 54 Minutes 37 Seconds ​100% ONLINE TRAINING ​Certified Six Sigma-Black Belt ​Get the $200 Udemy best selling ​course for $40. Based on ASQ CSSBB exam […]

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Six Sigma = 3.4 DPMO … Why?

I have often been asked, why do we have 3.4 Defects Per Million Opportunities (DPMO) for a Six Sigma process?   Before I talk about Six Sigma, let’s talk about the process control with plus-minus three sigmas. Historically processes were controlled in ​, and this was the basis of control charts.   When you have […]

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DMAIC is a structured Six Sigma approach to process improvement. The DMAIC approach can be applied in any situation where a process has defined measurable results whether it’s manufacturing a specific products such as phones, table, chair etc. or services such as healthcare, designing, or hospitality etc. DMAIC process ​consists of 5 stages to improve […]

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Factors and Considerations in Selecting a Six Sigma Project

S​electing a project to apply Six Sigma methodology to is an important first step. There is no argument that Six Sigma is beneficial, yet the process also has a significant cost element. The project must be selected on factors that will justify the resource and time commitment (effort) vs the potential gain (result). ​Considerations ​Result […]

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Customer Dissatisfaction – Reasons and Ways to Deal with it.

Reasons for customer dissatisfaction Not knowing the expectations Customer remains dissatisfied unless the company knows what the customer expects out of their product. Not meeting the expectations A customer may become dissatisfied because the product or service does not live up to expectations, in spite of the use of Six Sigma. Over expectations and the […]

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