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Nonparametric Tests

Nonparametric Tests in Minitab

Before we talk about the Nonparametric Tests, let’s understand what Parametric Tests are.Parametric Tests:These are hypothesis tests that assume that the data being analyzed follows a distribution (generally Normal Distribution). Examples of Parametric Tests:One Sample z-TestTwo Sample z-TestOne Sample t-TestTwo Sample t-TestPaired t-Testetc.Nonparametric Tests:A nonparametric test does not assume anything about the underlying distribution. That way, […]

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Common Probability Distributions

 1. Normal Distribution:​Where:μ  = Meanσ  = Standard Deviationπ ≈ 3.141e ≈ 2.718​2. Binomial Distribution:​Where:p = Probability of successq = Probability of failure =  1−p​n = Number of trialsP(x) = Probability of x successes in n trials​3. Poisson Distribution:​Where:m = Probability of successP(x) = Probability of x successes.

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Top Three Measures of Central Tendency

Three commonly used measures of central tendency are: Mean, Median and Mode. 1. Mean: Mean is also commonly known as the average, e.g., the average income of the country, the average height of people, etc. The mean is the most commonly used measure of central tendency. Formula: Example: Find the mean of 10, 11, 14, […]

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