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Year 2022

World Quality Day

10 November 2022

World Quality Week

7 to 11 November 2022

World Quality Month

November 2022

Many companies celebrate the month of November as Quality Month. The main purpose behind this celebration to raise the level of quality awareness in the company and to recognize the efforts and contributions of quality professionals.

It is also an opportunity to celebrate the success your organization and people have achieved in the recent past.

Why November?

There is no clear reason for selecting the month of November as Quality Month. Some think that this was the month selected by Japanese back in 1960-70 period.

American Society for Quality (ASQ) celebrates the World Quality Month (WQM) during the month of November. Click here to see the latest post related to the Quality Month.

The Chartered Quality Institute (CQI) used to celebrate World Quality Day on the second Thursday in November. However, since last year CQI is celebrating the World Quality Week . For the year 2022 it is celebrated from 7 to 11 November 2022.

CQI World Quality Week 2022 theme  

The theme of CQI 2022 World Quality Week (#WQW22) is Quality conscience: Doing the right thing.

"This year’s World Quality Week theme provides an opportunity to reflect on how corporate culture and conscience can help or hinder an organization to make decisions and ‘do the right thing’ for all stakeholders." Source: CQI Website

How to Celebrate World Quality Day/Week/Month?

World Quality Week / Quality Month Ideas

Here are some examples of the activities which can be performed during this month to promote quality:

World Quality Week 2022 Poster

Printable version of these posters is available on this link: Ethics and Quality Conscience Quotes / Posters.

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