The Philosophy Behind Six Sigma

​Six Sigma emphasizes the following four points:

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  1. Know what is important to the customer. Whatever improvement project you are doing make sure that it is important to your external customer. Any improvement project should be aligned with the customer needs, expectation, or satisfaction. (critical to quality)
  2. Reduce defects. Six Sigma emphasizes on reducing the defects to the level of 3.4 defects per million opportunities (DPMO).
  3. Target at the mean. Six Sigma looks to achieve the center of the tolerance, rather than being within tolerance. For example, if you are making a piece with the dimension as 100mm, then you should be targeting at 100mm, rather than between 99mm and 101mm.
  4. Reducing variation. Six Sigma believes in reducing variation. Even though variation is everywhere but it is the enemy of quality. Quality is related to consistency.

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