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History of Six Sigma

The concept of Six Sigma was developed in 1987 by Motorola. Six Sigma is basically a packaging of a lot of quality tools. These quality tools were developed much before 1987. One of the tools which form the basis of Six Sigma is the Control Chart. Control Charts were created way back in 1924 by […]

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Benefits of Six Sigma and Lean

Obviously, you can see that benefit of both of these, Six Sigma and Lean is to make the customer happy. Six Sigma generates sustained success. Anything which you have improved in the process is going to give you a repeated benefit. For example, if you reduce the defect rate today, over a number of years […]

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Why does Six Sigma fail?

Failure means inability to achieve the objective which Six Sigma projects were supposed to achieve. Following are some of the reasons for a Six Sigma project to fail. Lack of management support The top reason is the lack of management support. Management lacks the commitment to provide the resources. Six Sigma projects require people from […]

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Minitab 17 Tutorial

When we talk of statistics in Six Sigma, one software which is very well connected with it is Minitab. Minitab is the statistical software which helps in taking out the complexities of statistical calculations. It provides easy to use interface to calculate and draw various graphs. Some of the complex topics such as MSA, Capability […]

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ASQ® CSSBB [2020] | How to pass your Six Sigma Black Belt Exam?

ASQ CSSBB Exam preparation Course

ASQ CSSBB Exam Preparation ASQ CSSBB Exam Preparation CourseApplying for the exam:What if you have not completed a “formal” Six Sigma project?How to prepare for the exam? To demonstrate your competency in applying Six Sigma tools, ASQ certificates are well recognized globally. A large number of organizations and universities provide Six Sigma training courses. They […]

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