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How can tacit knowledge be transferred or shared?

Tacit knowledge can be defined as knowledge that cannot easily be communicated.What is tacit knowledge?Explicit knowledge is the knowledge that we record, structure, share, and reuse. It’s the stuff you can see, hear, read, and use. Tacit knowledge refers to a persons’ knowledge, skills, and ability that cannot be expressed by writing or speech. It is […]

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Tacit Knowledge – 8 Examples

Tacit knowledge is not something you can learn in college or school. It’s an acquired skill set that must be developed over time. In other words, it’s a combination of both experience and education.Examples of tacit knowledgeBelow are 8 examples of tacit knowledge: 1. Innovation and Creativity: Some people are innovative. However, it is not easy to […]

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Knowledge Management (KM)

What Is Knowledge Management?The term “knowledge management” is used to describe all of the activities within an organization aimed at capturing and leveraging internal and external tacit and explicit knowledge. It includes the collection, classification, storage, retrieval, analysis, distribution, and communication of knowledge. In addition to these traditional functions, there are also newer knowledge management capabilities […]

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