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A Material Review Board (MRB) team may be made up of several people from different departments within an organization. The Material Review Board (MRB) collectively makes decisions to disposition nonconforming material that has been referred to this board. 

The MRB is typically composed of the subject matter experts (SMEs) from:

• Quality Engineer

• Engineering Representative

• Purchasing Representative

• Production Representative

Typically, the MRBs will be scheduled on a weekly or monthly basis. This schedule can vary depending upon the volume of nonconformity items being reviewed.

For the MRB to decide the disposition of the item(s), they must have all of the information necessary to make the correct determination.



The disposition provided by MRB can be in one of these four categories: scrap, rework, return to vendor and accept as is.

1. Scrap: Items that do not conform to specifications and can not be corrected are scrapped. These items are considered unusable and are disposed of accordingly.

2. Rework: Items that do not meet specifications but can be corrected are repaired to meet the specification. The MRB needs to review if the effort required to repair the item is worth it.

3. Return to Vendor: Items that do not conform to specification and do not affect the work schedule can be sent back to the supplier as the rejections.

4. Accept As-Is (or Accept under concession): If the nonconformity is minor in nature and does not affect the functioning of the finished product, then the MRB can decide to accept the item as is.

In addition, MRB could also suggest changing the specification. For example, the MRB might suggest a slight modification to the design so that it would meet the requirements better.

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