How to Demonstrate Management Commitment?

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Management commitment is one of the most critical aspects of any quality management system.

It is a key factor in ensuring that the organization remains committed to its quality goals and objectives, and it is also an essential component of achieving the benefits of implementing a quality management system.

KEY Takeaways

  • Demonstrating management commitment involves taking active part in developing and improving the Quality Management System.
  • Providing resources ensures that the QM system is adequately supported and maintained.
  • Making sure that employees are made aware of the importance of quality management is yet another way to show commitment.

The benefits of implementing QMS, that has demonstrated management commitment include:

  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Increased employee morale
  • Greater organizational effectiveness
  • Reduced costs

 In this post, we will look at four ways the management can demonstrate their commitment to quality.

1. Get involved in the development and improvement of the Quality Management System

2. Provide required resources

3. Ensure that employees are aware of the importance of the QMS

4. Communicate your commitment to the QMS throughout the organization


1. Involvement in the Quality Management System

One of the best ways to demonstrate management commitment is to get actively involved in the development and implementation of the QMS. This involvement should be ongoing and not just at the time of initial implementation. It is important for managers to understand the details of how the QMS works so they can make informed decisions about what needs to change or improve. Managers need to take responsibility for ensuring that the QMS is implemented correctly and effectively.

2. Provide Required Resources

Another way to demonstrate management commitment is through providing resources. These resources could be financial, human, material or other types of resources. Providing these resources ensures that the QMS is properly supported and maintained. In addition, it demonstrates that top management has confidence in the QMS and the people who implement it.

3. Make sure Employees Are Aware of the Importance of the QMS

A third way to demonstrate management commitment to the QMS is to communicate the importance of the QM system to employees. This communication should be done on a regular basis. Managers should also create opportunities for employees to ask questions and make improvement suggestions to continually improve it.

4. Communicate Your Commitment to the QMS Throughout the Organization

Finally, one of the best ways to show commitment to the QMS in an organization is to ensure that all employees know that you are committed to the QMS. For example, you may want to hold meetings with each department to explain the purpose of the QM system and why it is important to them. You may also want to send out periodic reminders to remind employees of the importance of the quality management system.



Management commitment is very important when implementing a quality management system because it helps ensure that the QMS is well-supported and maintained. Top management must be willing to provide the necessary resources to support the QMS and ensure that employees are aware of its importance.

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