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Six Sigma, a methodology introduced by Motorola in 1985, has been a cornerstone in the landscape of process improvement for over three decades. Its enduring relevance is a testament to its effectiveness across various industries. The primary goal of Six Sigma is to enhance organizational processes, thereby generating substantial cost savings. This has led to its widespread adoption, with companies either formally implementing the methodology or utilizing its principles informally for process enhancement. Mastery of Six Sigma offers a significant competitive edge in the job market.

Navigating Six Sigma Certification

With the growing demand for Six Sigma skills, numerous organizations offer training and certification in this methodology. This abundance of options can make it challenging to select the right provider for your Six Sigma certification. Leading entities in this field include:

Choosing the Right Six Sigma Certification

Deciding on the appropriate certification requires careful consideration of your professional needs:

  1. In-House Training: If your current employer supports Six Sigma training, this is often the most beneficial route. Organizations typically organize these sessions for employees, conducted by external instructors or in-house Master Black Belts. Training usually occurs in phases, complemented by project work, culminating in certification and practical experience. However, the extensive time commitment may be a drawback for some organizations.
  2. Independent Certification: Many professionals opt for independent certification to enhance their skills and employability at their own expense. In this context, certifications from ASQ and IASSC are globally recognized and highly valued.

The Most Recognized Six Sigma Certifications: ASQ vs. IASSC

Between ASQ and IASSC certifications, ASQ is my preferred choice due to its global recognition and comprehensive approach.

Six Sigma Yellow Belt (CSSYB)

CSSYB Exam Preparation Online Course - Plain and Simple Language.

Six Sigma Green Belt (CSSGB)

Fully Aligned with the internationally accepted LSSGB, CSSGB 2022 Body of Knowledge.

Six Sigma Black Belt (CSSBB)

Certified Six Sigma Black Belt Course in Plain and Simple Language - LSSBB, CSSBB Exam Preparation Online Course (2022 BoK)

Considering Guaranteed Certifications

While some organizations offer certifications at a lower cost with a guarantee of passing, the true value lies in the knowledge and application of Six Sigma principles rather than the certificate itself. Employers value the practical application of skills over the mere possession of a certificate.


In summary, if your organization offers in-house Six Sigma training with project completion, it's an invaluable opportunity. Otherwise, pursuing ASQ certification is a highly recommended option, supported by affordable training options to help you succeed. If neither is feasible, consider IASSC certification, another reputable choice in the field of Six Sigma.

For those looking to enhance their process improvement skills and achieve professional growth, Six Sigma certification remains a crucial step. At Quality Gurus Inc., we provide comprehensive and affordable training to help you achieve ASQ Six Sigma certification and advance your career.

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