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Do you have a certification from the American Society for Quality (ASQ) such as Certified Quality Auditor (CQA), Certified Quality Engineer (CQE), or one of many other certifications ASQ® offers? You perhaps would have struggled in past to get re-certified every three years. ASQ® requires that every three years you need to submit a Recertification Journal, stating what all you have done in past three years to keep up with the knowledge. There are number of categories under which you can claim Recertification Units (RUs). You would need to have 18 RUs to get re-certified.

In the past you would have to download the Recertification Journal, fill it and provide all evidences and submit it to your local section Recertification Chair. This person (Recertification Chair) is working as a volunteer and many a times he/she could delay forwarding the journal to ASQ® Head Quarter.

Gone are the days. Now you can submit all this information online. Here is the link for submitting your recertification journal.

Once you login into the My Recertification Units page by clicking on the above link, you would see a list of items which could help you get the required RUs. Here is a snapshot of the items.

One item for claiming RUs is, Student. This is about what all you have learned in last three years. Let’s click on the edit button to see the type of studies/courses, which could be used for RUs. Here is the snapshot of it.

MOOCs (or Massive Open Online Courses) is one of the option for RUs. We provide Quality Management courses on world class platform Udemy at very affordable price. These courses could be used for claiming RUs. Have a look at the list of courses offered by us on Udemy. The below link will help you getting these courses at up to massive discount of 80%.

Once you complete a course, you can upload your certificate using the dialog box at the end of Edit Recertification Units page.

Posted on January 22, 2018 by  Quality Gurus

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