CSQP [2022] | How to pass your Certified Supplier Quality Professional Exam?

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The Certified Supplier Quality Professional (CSQP) is responsible for the quality and improvement aspect of the organization's supply chain.

This is the latest certification introduced by ASQ in 2016.


Before applying for the ASQ CSQP certification, you might want to check if you qualify for this exam.

You need to have a minimum of eight years of work experience in the area of this certification (quality management or improvement). Out of this, three years should be in the area of decision making.

However, a portion of the experience years can be waived off depending upon your educational qualification. For example, if you have a Bachelor's degree, then four years of experience can be waived off.

For more details on the minimum qualification and experience to take this exam, please refer to this link.

Certified Supplier Quality Professional (CSQP) Online Training

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  • Exam Details

    The computer-based ASQ CSQP examination consists of 165 multiple choice questions, a four-and-a-half-hour exam and is offered in English only. 150 multiple choice questions are scored, and 15 are unscored. You will not know whether a question is scored or not scored.

    It is an open book exam. You can take any book or binder in the exam. Loose sheets and multiple-choice questions are not allowed in the examination room.

    ASQ CSQP Exam Passing Score

    You need 550 marks out of 750 to get certified. However, these marks are not calculated simply by dividing the correct answers by the total number of questions. Instead, ASQ does the balancing to ensure that the particular exam's difficulty is taken into consideration. 

    ASQ CSQP Body of Knowledge

    Here is the break down of questions:





    Section 1

    Supplier Strategy



    Section 2



    Section 3

    Supplier Selection and Part Qualification



    Section 4

    Supplier Performance Monitoring and Improvement



    Section 5

    Supplier Quality Management



    Section 6

    Relationship Management



    Section 7

    Business Governance, Ethics and Compliance



    As you would have noticed, Sections 3, 4 and 5 have the most number of questions allocated to them. Together these three sections constitute 60% of the exam questions. You will need to provide more focus on these sections when preparing for the exam.

    Suggested Study Material

    I would strongly recommend the ASQ CSQP Handbook for study. You can buy it directly from the ASQ website or could try finding it on Amazon.

    In addition to this, I will also recommend my CSQP Exam Preparation online course available on Udemy and on our own website. This course is based on the ASQ CSQP Body of Knowledge and covers all topics in plain and simple language.


    ASQ does not allow programmable calculator in the exam. It does suggest a list of calculators allowed in the exam. Most commonly used calculator is TI-30Xa. This is a simple calculator and has statistical functions.

    However, we suggest Casio fx-991MS for the exam. This is a scientific calculator.

    Casio fx-991MS can perform many advanced functions quickly, without needing to actually use complex formulas and tables. Some of these advanced functions include:

    - Finding out the mean and standard deviation of a group of numbers

    - Solving the Simple Linear Regression questions (You will not believe how easy it is if you have not used a scientific calculator like fx-991MS)

    - Normal Distribution questions (You will not need to open the Z-table to solve them)

    - Solving equations with one, two or three unknowns

    - Using calculator memory for complex calculations

    Get used to the calculator that you will use in the exam. We have a course on how to efficiently use Casio fx-991MS calculator. Click here for a special discount.



    Certified SUPPLIER quality PROFESSIONAL (CSQP)

    Experience Required

    Eight years of on-the-job experience

    Experience Waived

    Up to five years depending upon the qualification

    Number of questions

    150 questions scored and 15 unscored

    Exam Format

    Multiple Choice Questions

    Exam Time


    Passing Score


    Fee - Non members


    Fee - Members


    Fee - Retake


    Study Material

    Sample Questions

    Not available

    Preparation Course

    Certified Supplier Quality Professional (CSQP) Online Training

  • CSQP Exam Preparation Course
  • 20+ hours of videos, slides & quizzes
  • Life-time access
  • 30 days money-back guarantee

  • Posted on June 25, 2021 by  Quality Gurus

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