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After developing a strategic plan, the next step will be to deploy that plan in action. This is the phase of implementation where all parts of your strategy are put into practice. During this time frame, you will also want to evaluate whether or not the plan was successful and identify ways it can be improved for subsequent phases. In other words, this is an opportunity to make sure what's happening on the ground supports your goals.

In this process of strategic plan deployment, a tactical plan is prepared. Typically a strategic plan is a long-term plan, while a tactical plan is a short-term plan.

When deploying a new strategy or changing existing ones, organizations should focus attention on three crucial elements of success, as shown below.

1. Alignment to Strategic Goals - Make sure that any changes made to the strategy are supported by the company's overall strategic direction. If necessary, revise the plan to align with organizational change over time.

2. Leadership Commitment - Create awareness among key executives about the plan and demonstrate the commitment of senior management to executing the plan, ensuring the availability of necessary resources and eliminating barriers.

3. Support by the Workforce – Ensure employees understand why they must implement the changes and have support from their managers.

During deployment, review the plan every few months to gauge progress toward achieving the goals. And don't forget to monitor how well the strategy has been executed. By regularly reviewing progress, you'll be better able to determine if and when the strategy needs to be revised again. As always, remember to keep focused on the big picture while monitoring day-to-day activities at each level.

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