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​Are you looking for the American Society for Quality (ASQ) Certified Six Sigma ​Yellow Belt (CSSYB) certification?

​Applying for the exam:

​The Certified Six Sigma Yellow Belt has no experience or education requirements. The Certified Six Sigma Yellow Belt is aimed at candidates who have a small role, interest, or need to develop foundational knowledge.

How to prepare for the exam?

1: Online Course

​The price of online exam preparation course could go up to $1000. Looking at that we have launched our own ASQ CSSYB exam preparation course on Udemy. The price of this course is kept very affordable at $100. This provides ​6 hours of videos and quiz questions to prepare for the exam. There is lifetime access to the course material. For the initial launch period, this course is being offered at a special discounted price of just $​25. Click Here.

2: Books

Most of the students have used one or both of these for the CSSYB exam (as a minimum)

​a) Quality Council of Indiana Primer (You might want to buy the questions CD as well)

b) ASQ CSSYB Handbook

​You will need the hard copy, as the CSSYB exam is an open book exam. You can take this is the exam. ASQ does allow books in the exam but does not allow the questions. So, you will have to remove practice question pages from the ​primer.

3. Calculator

ASQ does not allow programmable calculator in the exam. It does suggest a list of calculators allowed in the exam. Most commonly used calculator is TI-30Xa. This is a simple calculator and has statistical functions. Get used to the calculator, especially in using the statistical functions.

4. Practice Quizzes

There are various online options for practice questions. A short list has been compiled below:

ASQ Six Sigma Green Belt Question Bank (If you want to spend money on question bank then buy this. Don't go for cheap question banks and dumps available online.)

​Typical Cost of Certification:

If you decide to go for the ​Yellow Belt certification, then your next question would be "How much does it cost for the whole process?"

Here is a typical breakdown of expenses:

1. ASQ Annual Membership Fee: $159

You don't need to be an ASQ Member for taking the exam. However if you spend $159 for the membership fee, you can save $100 in your exam fee and $31 in the purchase of CSS​YB Handbook). In a way you get the annual membership for just $28.

2. ASQ Certified Six Sigma ​Yellow Belt application fee: $394 (non members), $294 (members)

3. Six Sigma ​Yellow Belt exam preparation online course: $100 $​25 on sale (link)

4. Quality Council of Indiana Primer + Question CD ($70 +$70 + shipping fee)

5. ASQ CSSGB Handbook ($74 for members and $105 for non-members)

Total approximate cost: $692 plus (Let's round this off to $​700)

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