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A control plan is a document used in Six Sigma to outline the actions necessary to maintain a process in statistical control. It is a comprehensive plan that outlines the methods and procedures used to monitor, control, and improve a process. The goal of a control plan is to ensure that the process remains stable and predictable over time.

Typically a control plan includes the following information:

  • The process to be controlled and its critical-to-quality (CTQ) characteristics
  • The process performance metrics that will be used to monitor the process, including the sample size and acceptance criteria
  • The control methods, including statistical process control (SPC) charts and other tools that will be used to maintain the process in control.
  • The roles and responsibilities of the individuals involved in the process
  • The procedures for monitoring the process and taking corrective action when necessary
  • The procedures for validating and maintaining the control plan

The control plan is a living document updated as the process changes. It is critical to have a control plan in place to ensure that the process remains stable and predictable over time, which is one of the main goals of Six Sigma.

Posted on January 13, 2023 by  Quality Gurus

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