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Trystorming is a powerful tool for identifying and testing potential solutions to problems or challenges quickly and efficiently. It combines the creative problem-solving approach of brainstorming with the hands-on testing approach of rapid prototyping, allowing organizations to determine if an idea is worth pursuing or needs to be revised or scrapped.


The trystorming process typically involves a small group of people, often from different departments or functions, coming together to brainstorm potential solutions to a specific problem or challenge. Once the group has identified several possible solutions, they create a prototype or mock-up of each idea, using simple materials or tools as necessary. The prototypes are then tested in a simulated environment to determine their feasibility and effectiveness.


One of the key benefits of trystorming is that it allows organizations to quickly and cheaply identify and eliminate potential solutions that are not viable, saving time and resources that might have been wasted on further development. It also allows organizations to identify and refine promising ideas that have the potential to improve processes or systems significantly.

In addition to its practical benefits, trystorming can be a fun and energizing process for participants, as it encourages creativity and collaboration. It is a valuable tool for organizations looking to foster a culture of innovation and continuous improvement.


Overall, trystorming is a valuable tool for quickly and efficiently identifying and testing potential solutions to problems or challenges. It can help organizations to improve processes, increase efficiency, and stay ahead of the competition.

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