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Difference Between Audit Independence and Objectivity

Audit Independence:Audit independence refers to the ability of an audit team to perform an independent assessment without interference from management. It is achieved by having the right people on the audit team and by ensuring that they are free from any influence from management. Audit independence means that an auditor has no stake in the business […]

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Audit Finding vs. Non Conformance

What is the Difference Between an Audit Finding and a Nonconformance? What is an audit?A quality audit is a systematic examination of the processes and procedures in place at a company to ensure that they are all operating as expected.Quality audits are an integral part of any business. They help in identifying areas that need improvement […]

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International Register of Certified Auditors (IRCA) – CPD

As part of the renewal of IRCA certification process, you need to complete at least 45 hours of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) within the last three years. Details of IRCA’s CPD Framework are available at http://www.irca.org/auditorcert/auditorcert_6_4.html QualityGurus.com certificates may be used to claim CPDs under the Structured category, where each hour of study is accepted […]

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