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The term six Sigma was coined by Motorola back in 1986. It describes a method of quality improvement that helps organizations achieve their goals through continuous improvement.

Six Sigma is the process of continuously improving business processes, so they are more effective than before. The goal of this process is to be able to reduce variation, increase customer satisfaction, and produce higher-quality products and services.

Six Sigma is not just about manufacturing. It's about any type of process that needs to be improved.

Six Sigma Training: Online vs Classroom

Online Six Sigma training is self-paced and allows people to work at their own pace. It's a good option for busy people who can not afford to be away from work for weeks. Most people can finish our Green Belt or Black Belt training in between one to three months. Obviously, it depends upon how much time you spend each day learning.

Our online courses contain recorded videos, practice questions and slides. In addition, there is a Q&A section to clarify your doubts.

Open classroom training Courses are occasionally offered for anyone to join these courses. However, we mainly focus on corporate training. In corporate training, a group of employees from an organization can attend the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt or Lean Six Sigma Black Belt courses as a group.

The Green Belt course is of two weeks (2 sessions of 4.5 days). Typically there is a break of 3 weeks between these two sessions. During this break, the participants can work on their identified improvement project. Participants will complete their improvement project by the end of these two sessions.

After the Green Belt course, participants go through the second set of two sessions of 4.5 days.

This way, the complete Black Belt course is a 4-week session spread over four months period.

Post Training Coaching

We provide post-training coaching after the completion of the course. This is done via email and phone calls. We help the participants with any issues they may have encountered during the course.

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