Seven Quality Management Principles

Let's start with the definition of Quality Management.

What is Quality Management?

ISO 9000:2015 defines Quality Management as "management with regard to quality". This includes establishing quality policies, quality objectives, and processes to achieve these quality objectives.

This then leads us to the next definition, that is the definition of "Quality Management System."

What is Quality Management System (QMS)?

ISO 9000:2015 defines the Quality Management System (QMS) as "part of a management system with regard to quality."

In simple words, the Quality Management System (QMS) is a collection of various business processes focused on meeting customer requirements and enhancing their satisfaction. This includes processes such as: Understanding the context of the organization, the role of leadership in establishing quality policy and creating a culture of customer focus, planning, evaluating and providing resources, managing communication and documentation, designing, supply chain, producing, delivering, managing non-conforming product or service, process improvement, performance evaluation,  internal audits and management reviews.

Seven Quality Management Principles (QMPs)

ISO 9001:2015 is the most common and generic international standard to establish a Quality Management System (QMS) in an organization. This standard can be implemented in any type of organization. This standard is based on seven quality management principles, which are the basis of the standard. These seven quality management principles are listed below:

QMP 1 – Customer Focus

Meet and exceed customer expectations

QMP 2 – Leadership
Provide purpose, direction and engagement.

QMP 3 – Engagement of People
Recognition, empowerment and enhancement of skills and knowledge.

QMP 4 – Process Approach
Understand processes to optimize performance.

QMP 5 – Improvement
To maintain current performance and to create new opportunities.

QMP 6 – Evidence-based Decision Making
Facts, evidence and data analysis for decision making.

QMP 7 – Relationship Management
Manage relationships with interested parties to optimize performance.

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