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This year, from November 11th to 15th 2024, we're observing World Quality Week. The theme, "Quality: from compliance to performance," perfectly encapsulates the journey organizations are encouraged to embark on — transitioning from merely adhering to standards to achieving and exceeding performance goals.

This is about making sure that quality is more than just a tick on a checklist; it's about doing great work that stands out and makes a difference.

Starting with Compliance

Compliance means making sure we do things the way they’re supposed to be done. It’s about meeting standards and keeping promises. Think of it like the rules of the road – they keep everyone safe and headed in the right direction. But what if we could go beyond just being safe? What if we could be the best drivers on the road?

Striving for Performance

Being the best means looking at how we can do things better, faster, and smarter. It's about:

  • Listening to Customers: They don't just want products that work; they want products that wow them.
  • Using New Tools: Tech tools can help us see how we’re doing in real-time so we can keep getting better.
  • Staying Ahead of the Game: If we do more than the bare minimum, we'll stand out from the crowd.
  • Thinking About Tomorrow: When we aim for high performance, we often end up doing things in a way that's better for the planet and for people too.

Making Quality Everyone’s Job

  • Plan for Quality: We should make sure that aiming for the best is part of our plan right from the start.
  • Give Everyone a Role: Every person in our team should feel like they can help us do things better.
  • Learn and Grow: We need to keep learning about new ways to improve quality.

Leaders Leading the Way

The bosses and managers have to lead the charge. They need to:

  • Talk About the Big Picture: Help everyone see why this is important.
  • Provide the Right Stuff: Give teams what they need to do their best.
  • Cheer on the Team: When someone does a great job, celebrate it!

Wrapping Up: A New Way Forward

World Quality Week 2024 is our chance to start looking at quality in a new way. It's not just about following the rules; it's about setting new records for awesome work. Let's not just meet standards; let's set new ones that everyone else will want to follow. This is how we make sure our work today leaves a mark and keeps us on the path to success tomorrow.

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