Eight Disciplines (8D) Problem Solving

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The 8D is a team-based, structured approach to problem-solving. The 8D system aims to identify the root causes of the problem and take necessary actions to resolve the recurring issues permanently.

The US Government standardized the process of Corrective Actions in MIL-STD-1520  (Corrective Action and Disposition of Nonconforming Material). This standard was first issued in 1974, and the last revision of the standard was Rec C, which was issued in 1986 and later was cancelled in 1995 without replacement.

This problem-solving approach was later formalized and popularized by Ford Motors.

8D or Eight Disciplines

The eight disciplines are the eight steps of the problem-solving approach. Later, in the 8D method, step D0 was added to the process. These eight steps (and initial step zero) include these:

D0 - Preparation and Emergency Response

D1 - Establish the Team

D2 - Describe the Problem

D3 - Interim Containment Plan

D4 - Root Cause Analysis

D5 - Develop Permanent Corrective Actions

D6 - Implement Permanent Corrective Actions

D7 - Prevent Future Recurrence

D8 - Recognize Contributions (Individual and Team)

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