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Six Sigma White Belt course will cover Six Sigma's basics, a methodology used to improve business processes by identifying and eliminating defects and reducing variability. We will start by discussing Six Sigma's background and purpose and then cover the basics of the methodology, including an overview of Lean and how it relates to Six Sigma.

Six Sigma aims to improve the quality and efficiency of business processes by identifying and eliminating defects and reducing variability. This is accomplished through data and statistical analysis to identify the root causes of problems and develop and implement solutions to prevent those problems from occurring.

This course will focus on the White Belt level of Six Sigma, an introductory course designed for people who are new to the methodology or want to learn about it at a high level. This course will give you a basic understanding of Six Sigma and its principles and introduce you to some key concepts and tools used in the methodology.

We will also discuss the relationship between Lean and Six Sigma and how the two can be combined to create a more effective approach to improving business processes.

Overall, this course is designed to provide a solid foundation in Six Sigma and equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to use the methodology to improve your business processes. Whether you are just starting your career or are a seasoned professional, this course will provide the tools and insights you need to drive continuous improvement and achieve better results in your organization.

After completing the course on Udemy, you can apply for the FREE certification exam offered by Quality Gurus Inc. This offer is only for our Udemy students, who have completed the Lean Six Sigma White Belt. Please see more details on how to apply for Quality Gurus certification by clicking here.

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