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Undoubtedly, project management plays a vital role in every organization. Whether you're managing a small improvement team or overseeing a large-scale project, there are specific steps you need to follow to ensure success. This post will explore the five main phases of project management.

1. Initiate Phase

The first phase is called the Initiation phase. It begins when you decide to start your project. This stage aims to gather all the information that will be needed for the rest of the project. This includes collecting data about the problem, determining what resources are required, identifying stakeholders, and defining the project's scope. You may also need to develop a plan or strategy for implementing the project.

2. Planning Phase

This phase is concerned with developing a detailed plan for accomplishing the project's goals. During this phase, you should define the tasks that must be completed to meet the project's objectives. In addition, you should establish milestones that indicate when each task will be completed. For example, if you are building a house, you might set up a milestone at the point where the foundation has been poured. At this point, you can begin construction on the walls.

3. Execution Phase

During the Execution phase, you carry out the activities necessary to accomplish the project. As part of this process, you must ensure that all tasks are being carried out according to schedule. If they aren't, you have to make adjustments so that everything runs smoothly.

4. Monitoring & Controlling Phase

The Monitoring & Controlling phase involves ensuring that the project is running as planned. This includes checking to see whether any problems arise during the course of the project. Also, it's essential to check whether the project is meeting its deadlines.

5. Closing Phase

After the project is finished, there is usually a final phase known as the Closing phase. During this phase, the team members involved in the project evaluate their performance and determine whether the project was successful. They may also discuss ways to improve future projects.

These 5 phases are initiation, planning, execution, monitoring and controlling, and closure.


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Here is a summary of the 5 phases of project management:

Initiation - Define the project's scope (what exactly does the project manager want to achieve?)

Planning - Develop a detailed plan that defines the activities you need to perform to reach the goal

Execution - Carry out those activities in accordance with the plan

Monitoring & Control - Monitor progress to ensure things are going well

Closure - Evaluate the project, identify lessons learned and take action to improve next time


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