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Quality improvement (QI) is a systematic approach to identifying and solving problems. QI has become a critical component of organizational strategy, helping companies achieve better outcomes through improved customer service, increased productivity, and reduced costs.

KEY Takeaways

  • Quality improvement is about making sure that products and services meet customers' expectations.
  • Leadership plays a pivotal role in leading the improvement initiative.
  • Without data, how will you decide which direction to take? Having qualified improvement professionals will help the organization succeed.

In this post, let's look at common barriers to quality improvement.

1. Not Knowing the definition of quality:
When it comes to quality improvement, the first barrier to improving quality is not knowing what the meaning of quality is.
Each organization has a different product or service. Organizations must define what quality means for their product or service.
Quality could mean different for different organizations. Some of the common definitions of quality are:

- fewer defects

- meeting client specification

- delivering a good product on time.

Whatever product or service your organization is delivering, the first thing you might want to do is define quality in terms of your organization.

2. Lack of leadership
The second barrier to quality improvement is the lack of leadership.

Deming has suggested in his 14 points of management that leadership needs to have a long-term commitment to the organization's success. If the management is not interested in the quality, you cannot achieve quality improvement.

3. Lack of data
Data is important. All the decisions that organizations make need to be based on facts and data rather than opinions.
Leaders in the organization need to create a culture of data-based decisions, where decisions are taken based on data based on facts and not personal opinions or gut feelings.

4. Qualified improvement professionals
In addition to the above, organizations must have the right qualified people to lead the improvement process. American Society for Quality (ASQ) offers many certification programs, including the CQE (Certified Quality Engineer). An ASQ CQE certified person can be a valuable asset for the organization to lead quality improvement.


As we all know, there are many factors that affect the quality of an organization. To improve the quality of an organization, leaders should focus on developing a strong team, having a clear vision, creating a supportive environment, and investing in training and development.

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