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What is Quality Management?

 Quality management is a process that helps organizations achieve their goals by managing and improving the quality of products and services. The purpose of quality management is to ensure that products and services meet customer expectations, are safe, reliable, and conform to applicable standards. It involves a combination of top-down policies, procedures, and standards for quality with bottom-up identification of opportunities for improvement by people at all levels in an organization.

Quality management is a broad term that covers many processes and practices. Quality assurance, quality control, defect prevention and defect detection are all part of quality management.

What are the Goals of Quality Management?  

The goal of quality management is to ensure that products and services meet customer expectations. This can be done by ensuring that the product or service meets specified standards or requirements, meeting customer needs, or satisfying a contractual obligation.

What are the Components of Quality Management?

Quality management is the set of processes that are used to ensure that a company’s products and services meet the required standards. There are four components of quality management: quality planning, quality control, quality assurance, and quality improvement.

1. Quality planning -  Quality planning is the process of setting goals, objectives, and strategies for achieving quality. It helps identify the needs of customers and creates a plan to meet those needs.

2. Quality control - Quality control is the process of measuring and monitoring the quality of products and services. It determines whether products and services meet customer expectations and ensures that processes are in place to prevent defects from occurring.

3. Quality assurance - Quality assurance is the practice of assuring that a product or service meets customer expectations. 

4. Quality improvement - Quality improvement is the continuous effort to improve the quality of products and services. It involves making changes to processes and products to make them better.

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