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History of National Healthcare Quality Week 

National Healthcare Quality Week was established in 1985 to recognize outstanding achievements in healthcare quality improvement. Since then, it has grown into one of the largest annual events celebrating quality improvement in healthcare.

Since 1985, NAHQ has been using this week (Healthcare Quality Week) to highlight the important role healthcare quality leaders play in their organizations.

About NAHQ 

Founded in 1976, NAHQ is the leading provider of healthcare quality certifications worldwide. The organization offers a wide range of certification programs for healthcare professionals and other stakeholders that are designed to help them improve patient care and outcomes.

NAHQ promotes excellence in healthcare quality through education, research, and certification.


National Healthcare Quality Week 2022

This year's event will be held from October 16-22, 2022.


What to do? Suggested Activities

Here are some examples of the activities which can be performed during this month to promote quality:

  • A quality message or a video from the top management
  • Recognize the contributions of healthcare professionals.
  • Provide Quality Training to your team
  • Quality Banners and Posters
  • Attend a webinar or conference session on healthcare quality topics.
  • Posters and slogans
  • Use social media to share news about your organization's participation in National Healthcare Quality Week and encourage others to participate.
  • Create a video highlighting your organization's achievements in quality improvement.

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