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When we talk of statistics in Six Sigma, one software which is very well connected with it is Minitab. Minitab is the statistical software which helps in taking out the complexities of statistical calculations. It provides easy to use interface to calculate and draw various graphs. Some of the complex topics such as MSA, Capability Analysis, Control Charts, Design of Experiments this software provides an easy to use Assistant.

​I have ​a bestselling ​course on Udemy teaching the use of Minitab for Data Analysis. ​Some of the basic videos on getting started with statistics are now available on YouTube. Here is the list of topics available on YouTube.

Lesson 1: Minitab 17 Introduction

Lesson 2: Minitab 17 Data Types

Lesson 3: Minitab 17 – Row Statistics

Lesson 4: Minitab 17 Column Statistics

Lesson 5: Minitab 17 – Ranking and Sorting Data

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