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ASQ CSSBB Exam preparation Course

To demonstrate your competency in applying Six Sigma tools, ASQ certificates are well recognized globally. A large number of organizations and universities provide Six Sigma training courses. They issue their own certificates, but when it comes to one certificate which is very well recognized, that is the ASQ (American Society for Quality) CSSBB (Certified Six Sigma Black Belt) certificate.

Earlier the exams conducted by ASQ used to be paper-pencil type exams. However recently they have changed it to computer-based exams conducted by Prometric at Prometric exam centers.

ASQ CSSBB Exam Preparation Course

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Applying for the exam:

One of the qualification for ASQ CSSBB exam is that you should have completed one or two Six Sigma projects and you will need to submit an affidavit for these projects with the application.

Probability and Statistics - Practice Tests and Solutions

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  • What if you have not completed a "formal" Six Sigma project?

    If you have not done a formal project but were involved in improvement activities which has used some of the Six Sigma tools, then you can try to submit that for ASQ certification. If that improvement has saved money and used some of the tools there is a chance that ASQ might accept that improvement activity as a project.

    In a worst case scenario, ASQ will reject your application and will refund you the fee after deducting $50 from the fee. 

    Do I need CSSGB before applying for the CSSBB?


    There is no such requirement. Even if you do not possess CSSGB certification, you can still apply for the CSSBB certification.

    How to prepare for the exam?

    1: Online Course

    Some people learn better visually and by listening rather than reading. For then the first step would be to go for an online course. The price of online exam preparation course could go up to $2000. Looking at that we have launched our own ASQ CSSBB exam preparation course on Udemy. The price of this course is kept very affordable at $200. This provides 30+ hours of videos and quiz questions to prepare for the exam. There is lifetime access to the course material. For the initial launch period, this course is being offered at a special discounted price. Click Here.

    We recommend these these courses for the CSSBB exam preparation.

    1. ASQ CSSBB Exam Prep Course. Special discount.

    2. ASQ CSSBB Practice Questions. Special discount

    3. 100 statistics questions with solutions. Special discount

    4. Using a Scientific Calculator (Casio fx-991MS/EX) in exam. Special discount

    2: Books

    Most of the students have used one or both of these for the CSSBB exam (as a minimum)

    a) Quality Council of Indiana Primer (You might want to buy the questions CD as well)

    b) ASQ CSSBB Handbook

    You will need the hard copy, as the CSSBB exam is an open book exam. You can take this is the exam. ASQ does allow books in the exam but does not allow the questions. So, you will have to remove practice question pages from the binder.

    3. Calculator

    ASQ does not allow programmable calculator in the exam. It does suggest a list of calculators allowed in the exam. Most commonly used calculator is TI-30Xa. This is a simple calculator and has statistical functions.

    However, we suggest Casio fx-991MS or fx-991EX for the exam. This is a scientific calculator.

    Casio fx-991MS or fx-991EX can perform many advanced functions quickly, without needing to actually use complex formulas and tables. Some of these advanced functions include:

    - Finding out the mean and standard deviation of a group of numbers

    - Solving the Simple Linear Regression questions (You will not believe how easy it is if you have not used a scientific calculator like fx-991MS or fx-991EX)

    - Normal Distribution questions (You will not need to open the Z-table to solve them)

    - Solving equations with one, two or three unknowns

    - Using calculator memory for complex calculations

    Get used to the calculator that you will use in the exam. We have a course on how to efficiently use Casio fx-991MS or fx-991EX calculator. Click here for a special discount.

    Practice Tests

    There are various online options for practice questions. A short list has been compiled below:

    100+ Probability and Statistics Questions with video solutions

    Six Sigma Black Belt Practice Tests - 310 Questions (Two full length tests)

    Six Sigma Green Belt Practice Tests - 210 Questions (Two full length tests)

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