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If you work in the field of quality, then you should consider taking one or more certifications offered by ASQ. These certifications are designed to help professionals improve their knowledge and skills in specific areas of quality management. The following is a shortlist of some of the most popular certificates available from ASQ:

For these certifications, typically, people prepare by doing self-study and appearing in the exam offered by ASQ. There are various resources available that can help you in preparing for these.

If you have decided to go for one of these certification exams, these tips will help you get certified on the first attempt itself.

1. Know the Body of Knowledge (BoK)

Before you can prepare for the test, it is crucial that you know what exactly you will be tested on. This way, you will better understand what areas you need to focus your study time on.

Download the copy of the relevant Body of Knowledge, print it and keep it handy to track your progress. (for example: CQE Bok)

2. Study Books, Guides and Primers

For any exam, ASQ provides a list of recommended books. However, these are the books most commonly used by people who are appearing in these exams:

- ASQ Handbook for that particular certificate (You can buy them from ASQ Store or Amazon)

- Quality Council of Indiana Study Primer (You can buy them from or

All ASQ exams are open-book exams. You definitely need "at least" one of these two books with you in the examination room.

3. Use An Online Course

An online course is also beneficial when preparing for the exam. We have online courses for these eight ASQ exams: CQA, CQE, CSSYB, CSSGB, CSSBB, CSQP, CQIA, and CQPA.

These courses are available at a very affordable price of just $85. However, using the links above, you can even get a further discount on the course price. You have lifetime access to these courses, and you can review the videos any number of times.

4. Practice Questions

There are many online practice tests available; some of these are even for free. I will not recommend them for exam preparation. For exam preparation, you can choose one or more of these options:

- Quality Gurus Practice Exams - For these ASQ certificates we provide practice questions. Each of these tests contain two full length exams: CQA, CQE, CSSYB, CSSGB, CSSBB, CSQP, CQIA, and CQPA.

- ASQ Study Guides: These are not available for all exams. These are hard copies, and you can buy them from ASQ Store or Amazon.

- Quality Council of Indiana Flash Drive: You can find them at or These contain 1000 questions.

- ASQ Question Bank: These are computer-based tests. Example:

5. Create Your Study Plan

Creating your plan is another excellent way to prepare for the exam. You can create a list of topics that you would like to cover and study time frame. Make sure you follow the plan.

6. Keep Track Of Your Progress

It is essential to keep track of your progress. This way, you will be able to see where you stand at different points during your studies.

7. Don't Forget To Relax!

Studying too much will only cause stress and anxiety. Try to relax and enjoy your studies instead.


I hope these tips will help you pass your ASQ exam on your first attempt.

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