How to Pass Your ASQ CQE (Certified Quality Engineer) Exam?

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The Certified Quality Engineers (CQE)  are professionals who understand the principles of product and service quality evaluation and control.
This is one of the oldest certification (and the difficult to pass exam) offered by ASQ. The exam consists of 175 questions, and out of these 160 questions are evaluated for scoring.
For the minimum qualification and experience to take this exam, please refer to this link.
Section Topic/Area/Category Number of Questions Questions
I Management & Leadership 18 11%
II The Quality System 16 10%
III Product & Process Design 23 14%
IV Product & Process Control 25 16%
V Continuous Improvement 27 17%
VI Quantitative Methods & Tools 36 23%
VII Risk Management 15 9%

If you look at this table, you will see that around one-fourth of questions are from Section VI, which is Quantitative Method and Tools. This section, in fact, is the “Statistics” .

Now lets come to the question of how to prepare for the exam, what are the resources?

….. to be continued ….

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