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We are excited to introduce the Level 1 Global Excellence Gateway Certification, a comprehensive certification program designed to set you on a path towards achieving global standards of excellence in quality management. This certification marks the beginning of a transformative journey, opening doors to international professional recognition and opportunities.

The Journey to Excellence: A Five-Level Certification Roadmap

The Global Excellence Gateway Certification is just the beginning. We've structured a comprehensive, five-level roadmap to guide you towards mastering quality management and positioning yourself as a leader in the field:

  • Level 1. Global Excellence Gateway Certification
    • Focus: Marks the beginning of your journey towards excellence in quality management, serving as the gateway to global professional recognition.
  • Level 2. Advanced Quality Practitioner Certification
    • Focus: Intermediate level aimed at deepening your knowledge in quality auditing, process analysis, and foundational leadership in quality management.
  • Level 3. Operational Excellence Certification
    • Focus: Advanced level dedicated to leading quality improvement projects, mastering operational excellence practices, and delving deeper into Six Sigma methodologies.
  • Level 4. Quality Visionary Leadership Certification
    • Focus: Tailored for individuals aiming to elevate their strategic impact in quality management, focusing on visionary leadership, strategic quality planning, and implementing transformative quality practices across organizations.
  • Level 5. Master Quality Architect Certification
    • Focus: Honors the architects of the future of quality management, those who construct and innovate continuous improvement frameworks, elevating organizational performance to new heights.

Prerequisite Courses for the Level 1 Certification Exam:

  1. Quality Management for Business Excellence: Master the art of leading quality management initiatives to transform organizations into best-in-class. Learn More
  2. Certified Six Sigma White Belt Training [2022]: Kickstart your journey with the basics of Six Sigma principles and methodologies. Learn More
  3. Certified Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training [2023]: Dive deeper into Six Sigma methodologies and tools for process improvement, preparing you for the ASQ Certified Six Sigma Yellow Belt exam. Learn More
  4. Mastering the Seven Basic Quality Improvement Tools [2022]: Gain essential skills in utilizing the seven basic quality tools for management and process improvement. Learn More
  5. QMS Auditor / Lead Auditor Course: Equip yourself to plan and conduct quality management system audits with confidence. Learn More
  • OPTIONAL: Certified Lean Management for Non-manufacturing Processes: Learn to apply lean principles across various sectors for enhancing process efficiency. Learn More
  • OPTIONAL: Certified Quality Improvement Associate Training: An introductory course to quality management concepts, ideal for those new to the quality field. Learn More

Application Process for Registration:

  1. Complete the Prerequisite Courses: Earn your Certificate of Completion from Udemy for the five courses listed above and copy the certificate URLs for the next step.
  2. Join the Exam Site for Registration Forms: Register at to access our Certification Exams application forms.
  3. Apply for the Exam: Use the forms inside the course to apply for your chosen certification exam. Be sure to fill in all details accurately, including your Udemy Certificate links.

For more detailed instructions and to start your application, please visit

Start Your Quality Management Journey Today

Embark on this exciting journey towards excellence in quality management with the Global Excellence Gateway Certification. With each level, you will deepen your knowledge, enhance your skills, and elevate your professional standing in the world of quality management. Join us now and lay the foundation for a rewarding career that makes a global impact.

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