Material Review Board (MRB)

A Material Review Board (MRB) team may be made up of several people from different departments within an organization. The Material Review Board (MRB) collectively makes decisions to disposition nonconforming material that has been referred to this board.  The MRB is typically composed of the subject matter experts (SMEs) from: • Quality Engineer • Engineering Representative • Purchasing Representative •… Continue reading Material Review Board (MRB)

Affinity Diagram

Affinity Diagram is a tool for organizing ideas generated during a brainstorming session into groups by similarity. It organizes ideas into categories so that they’re easier to understand. The term Affinity diagram was proposed by Kawakata Jiro in the 1960s, and because of it, this tool is sometimes called the KJ method.What is an Affinity Diagram?Affinity… Continue reading Affinity Diagram

Supplier Selection Process

Suppliers are an integral part of any business, especially manufacturing. Supplier selection is the process of finding the right supplier for your business. It encompasses all the steps taken to find, select, and work with a supplier.  Supplier selection is an essential part of making your product successful. The key to selecting the best suppliers is… Continue reading Supplier Selection Process

Supplier Quality Management

Organizations have become highly competitive over the last decade. This has increased pressure on them to improve their processes and reduce costs. The organizations have turned to suppliers who provide them with high-quality components, materials, and services to achieve these goals. Supplier Quality Management (SQM) aims to ensure that the highest quality standards are maintained throughout… Continue reading Supplier Quality Management

4 Communication Styles

Communication styles are personality traits that influence how we interact with other people. Each person has a dominant style, and our personality influences our preferred way of communicating. Based on the level of dominance (I win) and sociability (you win) there are 4 basic communication styles: passive, aggressive, passi­ve-aggressive, and assertive.4 Communication Styles1. Passive (I… Continue reading 4 Communication Styles

Supplier Onboarding

Suppliers play a vital role in helping companies achieve their goals. They provide services and goods that enable companies to operate efficiently. Onboarding new suppliers is a critical step in the relationship between a company and its vendors. Companies often overlook the importance of supplier onboarding because they don’t realize the benefits of having good… Continue reading Supplier Onboarding

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Confidentiality – Protecting Your Data

In today’s connected world, businesses rely heavily on their data. From customer information to financial records, sensitive data is often stored electronically. Confidentiality means keeping people from accessing, disclosing, stealing, etc., your data without authorization.What is Confidentiality?Confidentiality refers to protecting information from unauthorized access, disclosure, copying, distribution, publication, use or modification. The term covers both… Continue reading Confidentiality – Protecting Your Data

Conflict of Interest 101 – What they are and how to avoid them?

A conflict of interest is when someone appears to have two different interests. It can also happen when an individual has two or more roles that are incompatible with each other. It occurs when the person becomes unreliable because of the conflict between personal and professional interests. To understand it better, let’s split this topic into three… Continue reading Conflict of Interest 101 – What they are and how to avoid them?

Intellectual Property (IP)

What Is Intellectual Property?Intangible assets include patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, trade dress, know-how, and business methods. They are created through innovation and creativity. In other words, they are not physical objects but rather ideas and creations that can be used to make products and services. IP is an important part of any company’s value… Continue reading Intellectual Property (IP)

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Common Types of Contracts

In this post, let’s talk about common types of contracts. A contract could be related to buying a product or buying a service. To understand types of contracts, let’s take an example of me getting my basement developed. For that, I need to look for a contractor who will develop the basement. The contractor will put… Continue reading Common Types of Contracts

Inspection Errors

Inspection refers to any activity performed to ensure that products meet specific standards before release. Inspections are conducted to ensure that products are free from defects. Inspection plays an essential part in many industries, including critical sectors such as nuclear power plants, aircraft, and medical devices. In this post, we will look at various factors that… Continue reading Inspection Errors