Quality Management for Business Excellence

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Quality Management for Business Excellence – Transform the organization to become the best-in-class.


​Who should take this course?

  • Are you new to Quality and want to start with a strong foundation of Quality Management concepts?
  • Are you appearing for any certification exam such as PMP, CQA, CQE and want to refresh your understanding of Quality Management?
  • Are you working in the field of Quality Management and want to refresh your knowledge?

​​What will you learn?

  • This course provides the basic Quality Management knowledge, which each employee in the organization should have.
  • Understand what makes some organizations best-in-class organization.
  • How to take the quality of your product or service to the next level?


  • Definitions of Quality
    • How can you achieve quality if you don’t understand what quality is?
  • Why does business need to produce the quality product?
  • Difference between Quality and Grade
  • Difference between Quality Assurance and Quality Control
  • Quality Management System
  • History of Quality
  • Quality Tools
    • Learn about seven basic quality tools.
  • Quality Costs – or the Cost of Poor Quality (COPQ)
    • Prevention cost, appraisal cost, internal failure costs and external failure costs
  • Quality Awards – Deming Award, EFQM, and MBNQA
    • In this section, you will learn about these three top global quality awards.
  • Quality Gurus – Edwards Deming, Joseph Juran, and Philip Crosby.
    • In this section learn about the life and teachings of these quality gurus.

​Quality Management for Business Excellence

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