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1. Training by ASQConnEx Experts

ASQConnEx is an education delivery system and network that vets, designates, and connects quality subject matter experts with organizations to advance their excellence journey. Organizations can build competencies needed to achieve strategic objectives by engaging a vast network of ASQ-authorized subject matter experts in the field of quality.

Being a member of ASQ ConnEx we have access to ASQ-licensed education and certification preparation content. We can mix and match these contents based on the organization's needs. 

Quality Gurus Inc. is a licensed provider of ASQ training courses. Currently, we are offering the following ASQ courses.

Lean Foundation

three-tiered, lean training curriculum is designed to teach new and/or less-experienced lean practitioners how to reduce waste and increase organizational efficiency and apply the learnings to lean projects. The curriculum is comprised of three separate, interrelated course.

Lean 101

Introduces you to the basics of lean to begin building your foundation.

Lean Problem-Solving Tools

Learn how to use the lean problem-solving framework and tools to address organizational problems and improve performance.

Applied Lean

Provides you with the ability to apply lean tools and methods (leveraging PDCA and A3 within a project scenario) to review, analyze, and solve case study-specific business problems in manufacturing and service/transactional organizations.

2. Improvement Solutions

Our Process Improvement offerings are designed for organizations that want a comprehensive solution to their process improvement needs. The following services are offered:


We provide training on Lean Six Sigma tools and techniques as well as other tools to improve processes. We also offer to coach to support you through implementing these tools and techniques.


We can assist your team by guiding them through the process improvement journey from start to finish. This includes helping you develop an action plan, identify key stakeholders, create a vision statement, design a roadmap, implement the plan, measure progress, and evaluate results.

Implementation Support

 We can assist you with implementing the changes identified during the process improvement journey. Our implementation support is focused on ensuring successful outcomes and minimizing risk. We do this by providing guidance and assistance throughout the change management lifecycle.

Project Management

We have experience managing large complex projects and can help you manage your project effectively.

Consulting Services

 We can perform a full scope assessment of your current state or help you define a new strategy based on your unique situation.

The purpose of our Process Improvement offerings is to give your organization a competitive advantage through improved business performance. We believe that when we work together, we can accomplish great things!

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