Theory of Constraints (TOC)

Theory of Constraints (TOC) views every business as having limits imposed upon them by things like time, resources, market conditions, etc., which constrain their ability to achieve more than they already have achieved. TOC uses a focused process to identify the limitation and reorganize. A chain is no stronger than the weakest link. Organizations need to… Continue reading Theory of Constraints (TOC)

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The Future of Quality: Quality 4.0

Quality has always been one of the best ways to differentiate yourself from your competitors. Today’s customers have high expectations as they seek out businesses offering excellent service, reliability, safety, ease of use, convenience, responsiveness, affordability, and overall value for money. They demand consistency in product deliveries and experiences, even if they don’t know it! Quality… Continue reading The Future of Quality: Quality 4.0

Causes of Poor Software Quality

Software quality is an essential factor in the success of any project. Poorly written code can lead to bugs, crashes, security issues, software failures, performance problems, and other issues that can cause significant headaches down the road. Poor software quality can also result in higher costs, longer development cycles, and an increased risk of failure. In… Continue reading Causes of Poor Software Quality

QG Certificate for Udemy Students

Quality Gurus Inc. CertificationWe are pleased to announce the launch of the FREE Certification Exams for our Udemy students.  (Example Certificate) Have you completed one of our these courses on Udemy? (If not, you can buy them now using the below discount links.)Six Sigma White BeltSix Sigma Yellow BeltSix Sigma Green BeltSix Sigma Black BeltQuality Management for… Continue reading QG Certificate for Udemy Students

Communications in a Global Economy

In today’s world, communication is an essential part of the business. Globalization has brought about new opportunities for companies to communicate with their customers. With the global economy becoming more and more interconnected, international communications are becoming more critical. However, there are also challenges associated with communicating across cultures, time zones, languages, terminology, business practices, and… Continue reading Communications in a Global Economy

Team Empowerment

Team Empowerment: Building a Strong Team and Setting Them Up for SuccessThe team is the most crucial part of any organization. It’s what makes an organization successful or not. The success of your business depends on how well you can build a strong team that works together to achieve common goals. If you have a… Continue reading Team Empowerment

Six Reasons Why Continuous Improvement Projects Fail

What are the main reasons why Continuous Improvement (CI) projects fail?Continuous improvement is an essential part of any organization’s development strategy. It helps organizations improve their performance and become more efficient.We’ll start by looking at what is meant by ‘continuous improvement’. Then we’ll take an overview of the most important factors that can affect your… Continue reading Six Reasons Why Continuous Improvement Projects Fail

Creating a Culture of Quality

A culture of quality means making sure everyone at your organization knows what high standards mean. Everyone should understand why their job matters and why they must strive to meet those expectations every day. Here are some of the key actions to ensure you create a culture of quality within your team.

Design Review, Verification and Validation

ISO 9000:2015 Definitions:1. Review:determination of the suitability, adequacy or effectiveness of an object to achieve established objectives.EXAMPLES: Management review, design and development review, review of customer requirements, review of corrective action and peer review.2. Verification:confirmation, through the provision of objective evidence, that specified requirements have been fulfilledThe objective evidence needed for a verification can be… Continue reading Design Review, Verification and Validation

Supplier Development and Remediation: The Key to Sustained Supplier Success

Supplier development and remediation is the process of developing relationships with suppliers to ensure that the company has a continuous and reliable supply of goods and services. Certified Supplier Quality Professional (CSQP)CSQP Exam Preparation Course20+ hours of videos, slides & quizzes $85 $ALE Supplier DevelopmentSupplier development is an essential component of any company’s business. It… Continue reading Supplier Development and Remediation: The Key to Sustained Supplier Success